East Montpelier Signpost Contact Page

Mailing Address: PO Box 184 E Montpelier, VT 05651

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Production Volunteers:

Terry J. Allen: Layout & Photography
229-0303 tallen@igc.org

Jennifer Boyer: Webmaster
223-8926 vtpots@gmail.com

Alex Brown: Mailing
223-0430 alex@printmark.net

Lori Martin Buley: Design/Administrative
229-0950 lorianne.m@comcast.net

Rhoda Carroll: Copy Editor
229-0037 rhoda@rhodacarroll.com

Charlie Catlin: Records Editor
229-4273 shcharlie@hotmail.com

Rhoda Chickering: Town Records
229-5005 rhoderchick@myfairpoint.net

Ed Day: Proof Reader
229-2518 edjoday@ezcloud.com

Robin Gannon: EMES Reporter

Patty & Mike Hambro: Business Managers
229-4045 michaelhambro@yahoo.com

Edie Miller: Organizations/Coordination
229-0677 signposteam@comcast.net

Carolyn Pastore: Copy Editor
223-7463 cwpas44@yahoo.com

Barbara Ploof: Copy/Administrative
223-6934 signpostbcp@hotmail.com

Michelle Singer: Copy Editor
223-6186 jmsinger98@hotmail.com

Wendy Soliday: Features Co-editor
229-9594 wsoliday@aol.com

The Signpost is published six times a year and mailed free of charge to all residents of East Montpelier, Vermont. As of March, 2014, printing and mailing costs are funded by a town appropriation that was approved at Town Meeting as well as sponsorship by local businesses. All other work involved in producing the Signpost is accomplished by East Montpelier volunteers who welcome others to join them. Contact Edie Miller at signposteam@comcast.net for further information.

Receive announcements of newest Signpost online in PDF format by emailing Jennifer Boyer. You can opt out of the paper version.